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Delivering a Good Microsoft Teams Experience in VDI - Discussion Info

Delivering a Good Microsoft Teams Experience in VDI - Discussion Info

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Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs.


Microsoft has done an amazing job of detailing how the Microsoft Teams VDI client is installed to the workstations. This list of limitations has gotten smaller over time but one of the largest is the lack of updates.

From the docs:. This means that to update the Teams app, you must uninstall the current version to update to a newer version. With per-user installation, automatic updates is enabled. For most VDI deployments, we recommend you deploy Teams using per-machine installation. To update to the latest Teams version, start with the uninstall procedure followed by latest Teams version deployment.

This makes complete sense for a VDI environment. They found a series of laptops that would not update to the latest Teams client no matter what they did. The only recourse was to uninstall and reinstall the client. This credit goes to one our engineers, Jeremy Coleman, who did all of the hard work of tracking down what was happening. That entry may also have a value of 1, either case indicates you are in VDI mode. If it does not exist or has the value of 0, you are not in VDI mode.

To get to the diagnostic logs, you can follow the steps laid out in the Microsoft Docs. That is where Process Monitor comes to the rescue. So they fired up ProcMon during the installation of Teams and found this:. If either of those registry keys are present then the client will go into VDI mode during installation, regardless if you add any specific switches during the install.

You can have extra fun, if you try adding this switch:. So the question becomes, what app is putting those register keys on the workstation. After a bunch of hunting, is appears there is a Password Management application laying down the Citrix keys, why? But at least we have the cause figured out. These are just some random thoughts and ideas from a Microsoft MVP. The Argyle MVP. AMA 1. Azure 4. Bots 1. Development Essential PH-1 1.

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Microsoft teams client for vdi - microsoft teams client for vdi. Optimization for Microsoft Teams

  Please refer to Microsoft network connectivity principles for detailed guidelines around network planning. Capital View Center S. If you want to disable Microsoft Teams optimization, run this command in a terminal and restart the Citrix Workspace app:. Serial ports. Bidirectional content redirection.    


Microsoft Teams on VDI gets more features for calls and meetings - Microsoft Tech Community

    For example, the user-specific information includes, user data, profile, and settings. As a result, the peripherals are automatically selected when you reconnect to a session from the same endpoint. Was this helpful. These might include more admin control over quality, additional screen sharing scenarios, and advanced features recently added to Teams. Before or during a video meeting or call, users can change the appearance of their background with a blur effect or Teams virtual background template.

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